What Vanishes From The Meadow Lingers In The Shade

Yesterday's brief, lovely, light snow was, as I wrote, just enough — enough to coat the meadow and the trees, and not much more than that. Gone by midday today in those areas that receive full sun. Only a hint lingers in the shade at the edge of the forest.

gone not gone 011.jpg

A bit more lingers on my drive, as I expected.

gone not gone 004.jpg

Even the above-freezing temperatures today weren't enough to clear it. This weekend's warmup wiil take care of things pretty quickly, but until then, I'll be hiking to and from the car.

Which is no rough duty. The pantry is well-stocked, and I have no heavy or bulky goods to carry. The day's mail and newspapers, little more than that. I can take my time and when I pause it will be because I wish to, not to give my arms a rest or, as has happened more than once, rearrange things for easier transport.

 Not much snow remains in the woods, and I doubt if very much actually made it to the ground.

But what little snow lingers there is gorgeous and is itself, worth lingering over as I make my way past.

gone not gone 005.jpg

Which I did.

gone not gone 006.jpg




Becky MushkoJanuary 27, 2011 at 6:40 PM

Snowy Driveway AND snow-covered sidewalk here.