Small Hours, No Snow

Up for a couple of hours, reading, making notes, glancing outside occasionally to see if the slight chance of snow called for tonight turned into anything more than that.

So far nothing — and doubt by now that there will be anything tonight.

Fine by me. While I love snow — and enjoy being snowed in here at the farm more than I probably should — a few days of a snow and ice-free drive is something I would enjoy even more. The last round did some damage that I will need to repair, and left a couple of slick muddy spots that are tricky enough to get past already. A clear, cold weekend will give me time to get started on the repairs.

I just took a brief stroll out to the meadow, not so far as the edge of the woods. The moon was bright through gaps in the clouds. Cold, and the clouds are thicker than they were an hour or two ago, but it doesn't feel like snow.

And neither, tonight anyway, do I.




Dan SmithJanuary 21, 2011 at 7:51 AM

Keep your camera with you. I'd love to SEE what you're writing about while I hear your voice.