“I wondered for years what I needed to do to turn my mass of manuscripts and notes into a real book. It turned out that what I needed to do was hire Keith.”

THOMAS FREY, AUTHOR, Epiphany Z: Eight Radical Visions for Transforming Your Future

My Editorial Services

Editorial review with notes and report, for continuity, plot holes and problems, character motivation and soundness, word-choice, paragraph and sentence structure, consistency of tone and point-of-view, identification of specific or recurrent problems and tics, sharpening of dialogue, line editing but not formal proofreading or copyediting.

As a coach, all of the preceding, as well as a deeper dialogue with the writer about goals, how to approach and resolve problems, repair flaws, improve narrative mechanics. Preparation of manuscript for submission or independent publication. Ghost-writing and uncredited revision services, if desired.

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My Editorial Goals

In every editorial engagement my primary goal is to help the writer achieve his or her best version of their work. I offer deep and candid editorial commentary and guidance, based on my experience as both a writer and an editor. Together, we look at every word, scene, structural decision in the work. And at every stage I offer my best insight into what's needed to make the work stronger.

But I also offer a deep willingness to listen at every stage of the process — it is the writer's vision that matters most, not the editor's. I make clear when I disagree with a writer's choices, and why I disagree, but I also aim to reveal the heart of your story and help carry you to "The End." 

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My Editorial Promise

Writing is my life and livelihood. I stand by the written word as the single greatest tool in the transformation and evolution of culture and conscience. 

If you choose to work with me in achieving the goal of a publisher-ready manuscript, I vow to honor both the story and writer responsible for it through my professional efforts.

And if you're having problems reaching "The End"...

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