April 1, no fooling--a Sunday, and one week after a Sunday snow that left us with 4-5 inches covering everything.

But only temporarily--the snow was gone by Monday afternoon and, thanks to stiff (and then some!) breezes the ground dried quickly and, by week's end, was more than ready for working and planting.

Onions are up and doing nicely, kale and cress patches survived the winter and and are starting to take off. Beets and collards should be making their appearance this week, and it won't be long before I have more radishes than we'll use. Peas in a couple more weeks, I think.

Will begin putting in potatoes this week. Tomato seedlings doing nicely and I will resist the temptation to move them to the garden too soon.

Those breezes that dried the ground last week, became strong and fairly constant winds (15mph and up, and occasionally way up) and haven't diminished noticeably in the last few days. Ready for them to calm down so that I can work more consistently in the garden.

The garden "office" that is. The gardens themselves are more than workable now, and I am getting in good and productive time in the dirt. But my little office where I write and read (and doze) is less than practical when the winds are pushing through. If I'm not careful I spend as much time chasing errant pages and index cards as I do putting words on them.

Still, there will be plenty of calm days ahead, and I intend to put them to good use, both ion the soil and on the page.

Unless of course the Chinese space station picks my garden spot as its landing site.