The Calm Before

Is there ice coming?


Enough to knock the power out?

Won't know until the lights go off — or stay on.

But I've made sure there's plenty of water in jugs and bottles. The lamps and flashlights and book lights are all ready. Plenty of food. A big pot of turkey and rice soup taking shape in my mind in preparation for it taking slow shape in my stock pot starting sometime between midnight and dawn. Propane grill ready if needed.

The radios have new batteries.

The propane fireplaces are doing fine.

Nice stack of books beside my reading chair; some science and other journals to catch up on too.  Plenty of sharpened pencils for continuing to write books of my own. (And my pencil sharpener has a crank handle, and doesn't need electricity any more than the same model sharpener needed it fifty  or a hundred years ago.)

Good sweaters and heavy socks ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Good flannels and a Hudson Bay blanket ready for the night shift.

Could be sausage and biscuits here sometime before the sun comes up.

Ice storm?

Hope it misses us — and especially hope it misses those for whom it would be a real and dangerous hardship.

But if not...

Bring it on.