I love the idea of my scythe even more than I love the idea of my reel mower. I bought the scythe for $20 at a yard sale and have always loved it more than used it, although it has done some work over the past year.

The best day's use it got was after my friend Glenn Dillon showed me how to use it. Proper scything involves a dragging, rather than swinging technique, accompanied by frequent sharpenings of the blade. Sharpening the scythe blade is, at least, easier than sharpening — or trying to — the blades of the reel mower.

Now I am trying to repair the scythe, too. The rings that hold its handles in=place were loose when I bought the tool, and have continued to weaken and give.

So I am trying to tighten them, or figure a way to fashion new ones.