I offer a variety of editorial services, all aimed at helping make your novel or nonfiction book the best possible realization of your dreams and ambitions, as well as preparing your book — and you! — for the next steps in tackling today's challenging publishing environment.

In a typical editing engagement — not that any book or engagement is typical — I review the manuscript with the writer, getting a sense of what the initial goals were, what areas or aspects of the book the writer is most confident of, as well as those which she or he feels may not have achieved everything they need to.

Then, over a period of weeks — depending upon the size and complexity of the manuscript — I work through the book line-by-line, scene-by-scene, marking passages and areas that I think can be improved, identifying consistent tropes and tic that the writer should be aware of, pointing out problems of word-choice, dialog, narrative pace. The edited (marked-up and now bearing many explanatory comment-flags) manuscript is reviewed with the writer at regular intervals to ensure that the project is on-track and meeting the writer's expectations.

Editorial engagement includes:

FREE introductory conversation and evaluation.

The elements of a formal editorial engagement are:

  • Initial editorial memo and plan of action.
  • Comprehensive content and style editing for fiction and nonfiction authors. 
  • Attention to narrative pace, structure and plot, internal consistency, voice.
  • Line-by-line edit to ensure that every word says what you intend for it to say.
  • Regularly scheduled review sessions and planning discussions.
  • Coaching lifelines and tactical approaches to "writers' block."
  • Discussion and advice on steps following completion of edit.

Post-editing services and counsel included in engagement:

  • Recommendation of a professional proof-reader, if desired.
  • Consultation and review of manuscript preparation and cover letter to agents/publishers.
  •  Recommendation of stylist if pursuing independent publishing.
  • Discussion of cover strategies and, if desired, recommendation of artists.
  • Assistance in preparation of cover copy.


  • By project, with fee determined by size and complexity of the manuscript.
  • Fee structure is half upon agreement to edit, one-quarter at the halfway point, balance due upon completion of the editing process.

Steps to "The End," condensed:


Have an idea.


Write. Keep writing.


Get in touch.